Treatments and Pricing

Basic Toenail Care £28

Includes nail cut, file and tidy, with the application of nourishing nail oil to help protect the nails. Also includes reduction of thickened or fungal nails and treatment of involuted toenails.

All new patients will have to book a full podiatry treatment as initial assessment is required. The podiatrist treating can then inform if a nailcare appointment suits thereafter. 

Full Podiatry Treatment £38

A full professional treatment. Includes toenail care and cutting, corn and callus (hard skin) removal. Also, if needed, cracked heel treatment, verrucae treatment, ingrown toenail treatment. All are treated in an effective and professional way. However, you do not need to have particular problems to have this treatment. At the end of all treatments emollient and nail oil will be applied leaving feet nourished and moisturised.

Diabetic foot assessments are also included if required.

If local anaesthetic is needed for a pain free, deep clear out of an ingrown toenail, a sub charge of £20 per toe will be added onto treatment price.

All new patient initial assessments will fall under this appointment type to start, as more time will be needed to collate patient information, medical history etc.

Biomechanical Assessment £50

A full chairside assessment of posture, foot and leg function, positioning, alignment, joint movement and an examination of footwear and the way you walk. All this information allows potential diagnosis of biomechanical problems causing aches and pains around the whole body.

Orthotics (insoles) may need to be prescribed and will suit your individual needs. Biomechanical issues can be treated with orthotics. These are specially adapted insoles that aim to reduce pain and improve foot function. A variety of off-the-shelf foot orthoses are offered if needed, and start from £40. Sports injury diagnosis, treatment, and padding and strapping are also included under this treatment.

Singular Verruca Treatment £28

Includes reduction of hard skin over the top of verruca and application of, if required, salicylic acid. Several treatments may be needed to see results. If more than one verruca is needing treated, full podiatry treatment price will be charged. Full podiatry treatment price will also apply if a new patient. 

Nail Surgery Package £250

Permanent solution to an ongoing problem. This package includes local anaesthesia, permanent nail removal (all or part of the nail), dressings and dressings appointments post surgery.

** Please note Podiatry treatments regularly involve the use of SHARP instruments such as nail nippers, scalpel blades, needles etc. As a new patient, you may be required to sign your acceptance and agreement of the use of sharp instruments during treatment, before treatment plans commence.**

Offers and Products

Complimentary products are available for order and purchase on request. These include specialist foot creams and salve, gel toe caps, athlete's foot gel, wart paint.

Gift certificates are available at any pricing.