Scope of Practice

What is Podiatry?

Podiatry is a specialist area of healthcare, allied to medicine, which involves care and maintenance of foot and lower limb conditions.

This profession was formally known as Chiropody.

What is a Podiatrist?

Podiatrists are autonomous healthcare professionals who aim to improve the mobility, independence and quality of life for their patients. They assess, diagnose and treat people with problems of the feet, ankles and lower limbs.

Individuals have to undertake a degree in Podiatry at University to qualify as a Podiatrist. This takes 4 years (with honours). Podiatrists are foot and lower limb specialists and can treat any problems in relation to; routine skin and nail problems, biomechanical issues, assessing vascular, neurological and orthopaedic status of the patients lower limbs, minor surgery, wound care and the administration of local anaesthesia.

Following assessment, treatment is focused on relieving symptoms and maintaining functional independence.

Included in a Podiatrists scope of practice, and the services I provide, are:

  • Routine nail care/ toenail cutting
  • Ingrown toenail treatment
  • Nail surgery
  • Callous (hard skin) and corn removal
  • Verruca reduction and treatment
  • Fungal nail & fungal skin infection (athlete's foot) treatment
  • Cracked heel treatment
  • Treatment of Plantar Fasciitis/heel pain/ metatarsalgia/neuroma
  • Diabetic and Rheumatological foot care
  • Vascular assessments
  • Biomechanical assessments
  • Prescription of orthoses and insole fitting
  • Treatment of lower limb sports injuries
  • Foot/knee/hip/back pain treatment
  • Padding, strapping and kinesio taping
  • Footwear advice
  • Contact with your GP if needed

Who needs to see a Podiatrist?

This is simple – if your feet hurt then this is your body telling you that something is wrong. Foot problems can also be prevented by visiting a Podiatrist regularly for a foot health check-up. Remember prevention is always better than a cure!

It is common for anyone who suffers from any problems in relation to the feet to regularly attend an HCPC registered Podiatrist. It is vitally important with conditions such as Diabetes and impaired vascular status.